How To Get A Group Furbearer Permit for Your Club


Designated representatives of fox organizations can now obtain the $10 Group Permit that covers their members and guests any of the following ways:

  • On-line 24/7 at Accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.
  • Toll free by phone at 1-800-918-2870. Accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.
  • Purchased at any of the 320 hunting and fishing license vendors around the state. Wal-Mart is a vendor as are most sporting goods dealers. The names of local vendors can be obtained by calling toll free 1-866-623-344-8889 or on-line at

Shortly thereafter, Group Permit purchasers will receive a letter and report form from DNR. The report form is for listing the names, addresses and email addresses of those individuals using the privileges of the permit throughout the permit year (time of purchase to July 1 of the following year). It must be completed by the permittee and returned to DNR no later than September 1 of the current year.