2008 Final Legislative Update

The 2008 General Assembly session ended at midnight on April 7.  Below is final outcome of bills previously reported upon:

HB 134, Vehicle Laws – Transporting Pets in Trucks and Trailers.  This bill passed the House of Delegates with amendments.  After a hearing in the Senate, the bill died.

HB 655, Natural Resources – Hunting Licenses – Minimum Age.  This bill was withdrawn by the sponsor.

HB 834, Consumer Protection – Fur Labeling Requirements for Articles of Clothing.  After a hearing in the House, the committee gave this bill an unfavorable report.

HB 938, Montgomery County – Deer Hunting on Private Lands – Effective Date, passed and is expected to be signed into law by the Governor.

HB 1482/SB 878, Harford County – Deer Hunting on Private Property – Sundays.   As expected, this bill passed and should also be signed by the Governor.

This will be the last Legislative Update for 2008.  The 2009 session of the General Assembly will begin on the second Wednesday of January 2009.